Our Vision

Alfaplan Engineering is a young company with a solid foundation. It was born in 2018 as a result of the many years of experience of its founders, gained in over 20 years in the civil and industrial engineering sectors.

Alfaplan Engineering is a company created with the aim of offering its customers a professional service by exploiting the wealth of knowledge acquired in the management of major national and international projects.

The company consists of an organizational structure that makes use of professionals specialized in various complementary disciplines, a dynamic group ready for new challenges and new collaborations.


The AlfaplanEngineering team is made up of a team of specialized engineers and a group of ambitious and talented young engineers.
Our strength is the group. Formed in different fields and experiences, the working group has consolidated in these first two years of existence, forming an organic and capable team.
Our mission is to complete all the projects acquired with the utmost professionalism, dedicating from time to time the most suitable resources for the current project.
In Italy, as abroad, the flexibility and skills of Alfaplan Engineering can make a difference and give a positive change to new works and projects in progress.
This makes Alfaplan Engineering an excellent partner for your large or small projects.
By working with passion you can only improve everything you do.


The Founding Members

Gabriele Facchi_

C.E.O. & Technical Director

Alin Bodnar_

MEP Engineer & BIM Manager